NCASE x Streacom FF1

The FF1 or FF01 is a modular layout Mini-ITX case at 17L in volume. The case was initially expected to release end Q4 2023, however due to unforseen delays, it is unclear when the case will release. The case should be priced between $100~$150 depending on the variant. NCASE will handle US and Canada orders. Streacom will handle orders for other regions via their webstore initially and possibly via retail partners in the future.


OVERVIEWFreeFlow FF01 is a collaboration SFF case between Streacom and NCASE. Designed for both horizontal and vertical placement and upto six build configurations. It combines versatility, compatibility, space efficiency in a small footprint.
MATERIALS1mm Steel, Powder Coated
DIMENSIONS258×178×372mm (L×W×H)
VOLUME17 Litres
CASE I/OPower Button
2x USB-A
1x USB-C
MOTHERBOARD SUPPORTMini-ITX, Deep-ITX, Mini-DTX, Micro-ATX, ATX (mATX & ATX will limit hardware compatibility)
COOLER COMPATIBILITY1. FF1-H-M1 Config: up to 158mm max height with 4-Slot GPU
2. FF1-H-A4 Config: up to 73mm max height with 4-Slot GPU
3. FF1-H-SC Config: up to 158mm max height with 3-Slot GPU
4. FF1-V-M1 Config: up to 158mm max height with 4-Slot GPU
5. FF1-V-H1 Config: up to 73mm max height with 4-Slot GPU
6. FF1-V-ML Config: up to 73mm max height with 4-Slot GPU
RISER CABLE1. FF1-H-M1 Config: Not Applicable
2. FF1-H-A4; PCIe X16 4.0
3. FF1-H-SC Config: Not Applicable
4. FF1-V-M1 Config: Not Applicable
5. FF1-V-H1 Config: PCIe X16 4.0
6. FF1-V-ML Config: PCIe X16 4.0
GRAPHICS CARD COMPATIBILITY1. FF-H-M1 Config: up to 150 x 359mm, 4-Slot thick
2. FF-H-A4 Config: up to 165 x 359mm, 4-Slot thick
3. FF-H-SC Config: up to 150 x 250mm, 3-Slot thick
4. FF-V-M1 Config: up to 150 x 340mm, 4-Slot thick
5. FF-V-H1 Config: up to 150 x 340mm, 4-Slot thick
6. FF-V-ML Config: up to 150 x 340mm, 4-Slot thick
2.5″ / 3.5″ DRIVES SUPPORTED3x 3.5″ or 5x 2.5″ (based on components, upto 5x may be supported with harddrive addon kit)
LIQUID COOLING SUPPORTSingle Radiator / Custom Loop:
120/140/240/280mm Radiator / AIO
Dual Radiators / Custom Loop:
2x 240 / 280 Radiators
Triple Radiators / Custom Loop:
3x 240 / 2x 280 + 1x 240 (triple radiator setup require a separate addon kit)
POWER SUPPLY SUPPORTSFX / SFX-L / ATX (ATX requires seperate PSU bracket addon & limited to 140mm deep for GPUs longer than 270mm)

The FF01 or FreeFlow One is the spiritual successor to the SSUPD Meshlicious. W360 designed the original Meshlicious in partnership with SSUPD (Lian-Li subsidiary). This partnership has since ended as W360 parted ways with the SSUPD brand, due to claimed egregious actions on SSUPD’s part. W360 has since partnered with Streacom to bring you the highly anticipated FreeFlow FF1. W360 is one of the the developers behind the popular NCASE EVO and NCASE T1. Two larger variants of the FreeFlow, FF02 and FF03 may be developed in the future.