The History of FormD

FormD was a two-man operation that began in late 2018 as a project to design and manufacture the ultimate small form factor PC case. The original prototype was called SidearmD SA4, which later became the FormD T1 and sold via

FromD T1 (the T comes from the front panel design and is also a reference to Terminator-1000, T-1000). The T1 was originally intended for the radiator to be at the bottom of the case. If a leak occurred, it wouldn’t spill on components. This is not how the case is used today, but Interesting to know that the case does have an official right way up 🙂

The FormD T1 has gone through 4 iterations. v1.0 (most units were sold in China, around 300 units, with only few making it overseas). v1.1 was more of the official launch in 2020. v1.5 (which was skipped/complied into v2 in 2022), and v2.1 stealth update in 2022/2023.

In late 2023: we learned of a controversial dispute between the two owners Kevin “3FC” & Dan “W360” was taking place over financials and the direction of the business, among other matters. This may answer as to why the T1 case availability was so limited throughout 2023.

3FC brought the situation to the publics attention when he splitted off from W360 to run his own operation independently under Fmdworks later became 3FC is known to be the main designer behind the FormD T1 case. 3FC also retained control of the existing manufacturing supply chain after the split with T1 v2.1.

In 2024: W360 launched the T1 v2.5 under NCASE portfolio and manufacturing proces. The T1 v2.5 is absent of any FormD branding, with the original website remaining under the care of W360, but now redirecting to

Some may find it interesting that W360 was leaning on shuttering the FormD project. 3FC then goes independent and NCASE releases T1 v2.5 months later. Coincidence? Its difficult to say, giving the manufacturing change to NCASE, but does make one wonder.

We’ve reached out to both parties for comments:

  • W360: NO public statement. We will leave it to the lawyers to handle it.
  • 3FC: I treat T1 as any designer/engineer would treat their creation: as part of themselves. When it is being threatened or damaged. I might have over-reacted, but my goal was always to continue what is already stable and keep improving. There are a lot of people out there that have never heard of the T1 or SFF. I only care about T1, the designs that many have been working on for 5 years.

While we have a unique prospective to the ongoings within FormD leading upto the separation, we are not qualified to comment or formulate a conclusion. Currently, the T1 is being sold independently by both the original rights holders. We’ll update this page, if additional relevant information becomes available.