The IS-67 is top flow low-profile cooler from IDCOOLING, compatible with both Intel, and AMD motherboards. It features slim 120mm fan, aluminium cooling fins and 6 copper heatpipes. The cooler is available in black / white and is priced at US$44.99.


DIMENSIONS120×120×67mm (L×W×H)
COMPATIBILITYIntel: 115X/1200/1700
MATERIALS6x 6mm nickel coated copper heat-pipes, copper base (nickel coated), aluminium cooling fins
WEIGHT382g (heatsink)
FANS1x 120×120×15mm Hydraulic Bearing Fan
(500~2200RPM ±10%)
RAM CLEARANCENo limit / 43mm (installed over RAM)


The cooler includes a single 120×15mm hydraulic bearing fan. We didn’t encounter any high frequency buzzing or fan motor noise during testing. The fan reached 41~42dBA at 100% fan speed, 35dBA at 75% and 31.5dBA at 50%, recorded at distance of 50cm from testbench.


Testing is carried out on BC1 Mini v2 (open testbench), using the following hardware, in 20°C ambient room temperature. We noise normalised the cooler fan speed to 35dB(A) at distance of 50cm. This helps eliminate brute force cooling from higher RPM fans.

CASEBC1 Mini v2 (Open Testbench)
MOTHERBOARDRog Strix B650E-I Gaming WiFi (paid link)
CPUR7 7800X3D (paid links)
CPU COOLERIS-67-XT (paid link)
PSU Extreme 850R (paid link)
RAM32GB Gskill DDR5, 6000MHz, CL30 (paid link)


We run Cinebench R23 multicore (stability test), for period of 30 minutes. This provides worse case scenario for a given CPU. CPU coolers are typically tested across range of CPU’s for data validation and to reduce risk of errors in testing. This also helps account for variables between CPU platforms.

The IS-67-XT hit 79°C in orientation 3 & 78°C in orientation 1 with 7800X3D. This puts the IS-67 XT within margin of error of its competitors.


IS-67-XT has one key advantage over its competitors: BS3, AXP120-X67, AN600, NH-L12S. It has enough heatsink clearance for most, if not all, ITX motherboard I/O shrouds, heatsinks, or daughter boards. The mounting hardware is sufficient and similar to the IS-55, includes both long and short brackets for multiple mounting orientations. The included fan is adequate and build quality is good. Cooling performance is as expected and similar to its competitors. Overall, the IS-67 is a solid choice and is running point for those seeking maximum motherboard and RAM compatability.