Meshroom D (SSUPD)

SSUPD Meshroom D is 14.97L small form factor Mini-ITX case featuring full mesh SGCC panels. The Meshroom D was released in Q3 2023, priced at US$110. The Meshroom D is only available via Newegg and no word yet as to when it will release in the EU / UK.


MODELMeshroom D
DIMENSIONS363 x 167 x 247mm (L x W x H)
VOLUME 14.97 Litres
CASE I/O2x USB 3.1 (Gen 2), 1x Type-C 3.2 (Gen 2)
MOTHERBOARD SUPPPORTMini-ITX, Mini-DTX, Micro-ATX (mATX requires US$60 extender bracket)
COOLER COMPATIBILITY138mm (with side fan bracket installed)
142mm (without side fan bracket installed)
GRAPHICS CARD COMPATIBILITY3 slots (61mm): 325mm length and 140mm width;
336mm length and 140mm width (front I/O ports removed)
3.4 slots (69mm): 325mm length and 136mm width;
337mm length and 136mm width (front I/O ports removed)
GPU baffle not included in length and PCIe power connectors need 15~20mm space
LIQUID COOLING SUPPORTLeft: 2x 120 / 140, 1x 240 / 280mm
Bottom: 240 / 280mm (45mm thickness radiator + fans, allows for 26mm thick GPU)
160mm ATX PSU (left side mounted on PSU bracket);
140mm ATX PSU (right side mounted on PSU bracket)
CASE FANS SUPPORTEDFront: 1x 120 / 140mm
Rear: 1x 80 / 92mm
Right Side: 1x 80 / 92mm (with PSU mounted on front left)
Left Side: 2x 120 / 140mm (with PSU mounted on front right or top)
2.5 / 3.5” DRIVES SUPPORTED6x 2.5” / 3x 3.5″ (2x with ATX PSU)

The Meshroom D is a reference layout Meshroom S for all intensive purposes. It has identical dimensions and volume and uses the same full mesh panels. The cases can be increased in volume via a $60 extender bracket, which adds mATX motherboards compatibility. There are reports of the Meshroom D panels being on the flimsy side and this was also true of the Meshroom S, especially the top panel. This is unfortunate and disappointing that it has not been addressed by SSUPD. The Meshroom D also appears to suffer the same panel gaps that plagued the Meshroom S.