SilverStone Vida 240 Slim AIO Review

Vida 240 is slim 240mm class high performance AIO liquid cooler, featuring 22mm thick radiator and slim 120mm ARGB fans. The Vida 240 Slim is available on Amazon (paid link).


COMPATIBILITYIntel: 115X/1200/1700 AMD: AM4/AM5
RADIATOR275 x W: 120.9 x H: 22.4mm (aluminium radiator)
CPU BLOCKL:74 x W:74 x H: 41mm (copper base plate)
PUMP4200 RPM (integrated into radiator)
TUBING 400mm (rubber tubing)
FANS2x 120x16mm, ARGB fans (1800 max.rpm)


Everything comes very nicely packaged in the box. Included, we have the Vida 240 Slim, 2x 120x16mm ARGB fans, mounting brackets for both Intel/AMD and user manuals.


SilverStone’s Vida 240 Slim AIO is like all things PC these days, styled with excessive RGB and lengthy cables. The CPU block and fans both feature customisable ARGB lighting.

If your not into RGB or excessive cable clutter, SilverStone also offers equivalent noRGB versions of their excellent slim 120mm fans. These are objectively one of, if not the best slim 120mm fans currently available.

The Vida 240 includes some nice quality of life features, such as daisy chained cables and removable CPU block ARGB unit.

It also uses an easily swappable installation brackets design for the CPU block.


CASEBC1 Mini v2 (open testbench)
MOTHERBOARDRog Strix B650E-I Gaming WiFi (paid link)
CPUR5 7600X / R7 7700X (paid links)
CPU COOLERVida 240 Slim (paid link)
PSU Extreme 850R (paid link)
RAM32GB Gskill DDR5, 6000MHz, CL30 (paid link)


Despite being a slim form factor AIO, the Vida 240 leaves no performance on the table and the keeps up with thicker AIOs, such as EK AIO 240 Basic/ARGB in thermal benchmarks, and fan noise. We use Cinebench R23 multicore (stability test), for CPU thermal testing. This provides worse case scenario for given CPUs thermal output.


SilverStone’s Vida 240 is exactly what it says on the box, a high performance slim AIO. It matches the performance 240x30mm class AIOs and has one of the best CPU block mounting solutions we’ve come across. The ability to completely eliminate the RGB, was particularly welcomed.

Performance RGB (especially the birds nest of cables)
CPU block mounting system25mm thick fan screws not included
Low profile CPU block20mm radiator screws not included for case mounting through the fans.
Daisy chained cables
User refillable radiator

One final note: some user were disappointed that the Vida 240 radiator measured 22.4mm thick, instead of listed 22mm, making it incompatible with FormD T1 with dual 25mm thick fans.