Streacom ZS800

ZS800 is the first SFX power supply to feature a user replaceable fan. ZS800 uses a hybrid design, SFX-L form factor, and is cable delivering up to 800W.


CERTIFICATION92+ (platinum equivalent)
DIMENSIONS125 x 125 x 63.5mm (L x W x H)
RATING800W continues power output
COOLING120mm (user replaceable)
Motherboard: 1 x 10PIN, 1 x 8PIN
GPU: 1 x 12VHPWR
DC to DC Module: ATX 280W (inc 5V SATA breakout)
USB for advanced settings


The ZS800 started life as a project to create a ‘better’ power supply for SFF builds.

The first area of improvement we identified was the cables, specifically the 24PIN ATX, which is bulky and difficult to route within most space-limited SFF cases.

Our experience with compact DC to DC ATX converters led us to explore the idea of combining these with a standard ATX PSU as they could deliver the required multiple voltages from a single 12V supply. This would allow us to reduce the cable count from 24 to just 6. The concept was further validated when Intel announced their ATX12VO specification and whilst it differed from our originally planned design, we were able to create a hybrid solution that is both ATX3.0 and ATX12VO compatible. This has the added benefit of being forward-compatible when/if ATX12VO is adopted by more motherboard vendors.

Next, we looked at optimising the size, and whilst the dimensions are defined by the SFX standard as 125×63.5x100mm, the depth does not include the cables that typically protrude an additional 20-30mm. By rotating the connectors 90 degrees, we can keep the total depth within 125mm, which is preferable as it also allows for a 120mm fan whilst keeping the total effective depth the same as an SFX.

Most fans used in PCs are user replaceable, and we think the same should be true of PSUs. The ZS800 is the first SFX PSU that allows the user to replace the fan with one of their choosing to create a perfectly matched system. The ZS800 also includes additional features such as a diagnostic LED and the ability to set custom fan profiles via USB and an App.